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Choosing a Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector for Your Home

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Installing and maintaining a smoke and carbon monoxide detector is one of the best and least expensive ways that you can protect yourself and loved ones from danger. When you don’t correctly maintain your detector, you’re at risk for home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, which can both be deadly. BRK offers a hardwired photoelectric/CO combination alarm for your home. As a new construction requirement for Massachusetts, this alarm comes with voice alerts.

Features of Smoke/CO Alarm

  • Photoelectric sensors are able to detect and identify various types of fire hazards in your home
  • Mounting bracket allows for easy installation and maintenance for alarm
  • Voice alarm allows up to 11 programmable locations
  • Varying and lower horn tones allows elderly with normal age related hearing loss to still hear the alarm
  • Alarm latch remembers which unit started the alarm
  • Low battery latch identifies which unit has a low battery

Regardless which type of alarm or brand you choose to protect your home, it’s important to remember to have one! It’s better to be over prepared with a dual-sensor alarm than not prepared at all. Learn more about the combo smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from BRK by contacting ESC at 781-272-7700.