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ESC’S Lighting Project in Boston, MA

ESC Fast Track – Reebok @ DryDock in Boston, MA – Part 2

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The most important ingredients for a successful lighting project are:


Reebok was adamant about the schedule and project being done ON TIME and ON BUDGET to be considered successful. Everyone involved worked closely to meet the schedule. Each team member brought their years of experience in the lighting industry to this project. The design team had a concept they conveyed to ESC and ESC had to ensure the vendors selected could meet the schedule. ESC was able to select preferred vendors they knew wouldn’t face obstacles meeting deadlines and getting product to the site on time.

How many times have you been worried lighting vendors wouldn’t meet schedules? Or about the engineering time commitment to handle quick design and changing shop drawings? Or that you weren’t going to have enough space to store light fixtures until they were ready to be installed? Or gone with the lowest price, but been disappointed when the schedule wasn’t met? If you answered “often” or “regularly” to these questions, consider ESC’s project team to help with your next lighting project.

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Natalie Holtgrefe
Marketing Lead