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Finals Days of the ESC Murray Promotion

Circuit breakers are used to switch and protect your homes wiring from high temperatures, which are caused by excess current higher that the wire rating. Here are the different types of breakers:

  • Combo Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI): Significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires by protecting against line-to-ground, line-to-neutral and series arcs, which are the three possible types of arc fault.
  • Branch-Feeder Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI): Protects against line-to-ground and line-to-neutral arcs, which are considered high energy parallel arcing.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI): Protects against severe electrical shock or electrocution caused by ground faults. These are installed to protect the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room of a home, which are the areas where electrical appliances may come into contact with water.

ESC has specials on Murray 1 Pole 20 & 15 Amp Breakers, 20 & 15 Amp Arc Fault Breakers and 120 & 115 DF Arc/GFI’s. Click here for more info on the ESC Murray promotion going on until Saturday, July 1st.

Murray June Special