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Is Your Supplier Keeping up with Your Specific Expectations?

Recently, we circulated our delivery capabilities video and received tremendously positive customer feedback about how responsive ESC is to customer needs and how we’ve tailored our deliveries based on those needs!
Business is booming and ESC’s distribution center is bustling 9 months after opening. Products are quickly packed and distributed, efficiency has been fined tuned, and most importantly, we are fulfilling our clients’ requirements. Customers receive complete orders when they need them delivered – Saturday, same day, or at night.
It’s amazing to me that in our cutting-edge, fast-paced business community – so connected through online surveys and social feedback – that suppliers seem to ignore customer feedback. It reminds me of the days when car dealers’ service department’s didn’t change oil on Saturdays. That decision gave rise to many companies like “Jiffy Lube.” Getting your oil changed on Saturday shouldn’t be a big deal and neither should a jobsite delivery.
Suppliers serving the construction market need to be nimble, creative, and responsive. Construction schedules are more demanding than ever. Saturday work is not unusual – it’s now the norm. You shouldn’t be punished for same day service if you need it. Our competition charges $161.00 for same day service. Let me guess, they are a large national chain.
If you are negotiating for service with your current supplier, it is time to call ESC. You work hard servicing your clients, and so does ESC. It’s time you heard, “absolutely, what time would you like it?” At ESC, we are driven to help you compete!
If you haven’t seen our service video, click below.
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