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New Lighting Project in Boston’s Seaport

ESC Fast Track – PTC in Boston, Massachusetts’ Seaport District – Part 2

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Every lighting project is unique because no two buildings are the same nor do they have the same lighting requirements. The PTC building had 67 different fixtures and unique styles of lighting. More than 10,000 fixtures will be installed in the building. With the diverse lighting schemes and placement, ESC had to have seamless project management and coordination with the general contractor, architect, lighting designer, electrical contractor and lighting vendors.

Working with multiple vendors, lead times and installation times, it was imperative that ESCs team paid close attention to detail and deadlines. ESCs lighting team works day and night to ensure lighting projects are done on-time and on-budget paying close attention to every detail.

Does the lighting team you work with do the same? If not, chat with ESC today! Stay tuned next week for the final post in this series and more details about this project and how ESC can overcome any obstacle in lighting projects.

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Natalie Holtgrefe
Marketing Lead