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Safety Tips Every Electrician Should Know

We know that you are concerned with safety – and so are we. Working with electrical equipment can be a dangerous task. There are many things that can be easily overlooked that may put you or those around you in danger. Here are some tips to keep you and those around you safe.

Safety Tips for All Electricians:

  • CLOTHING: Proper clothing is key to safety because it will protect your body. Remember to wear non-conductive gloves, boots with insulated soles, long pants and sleeves to protect your arms and legs.  
  • EYE PROTECTION: Protecting your eyes is extremely important. Particles could fly from walls, ceilings, and other places, so you should take preventative measures to make sure your eyes aren’t in harm’s way.
  • OUTLETS: Double checking outlets can ensure they are at the correct voltage before you begin work.
  • POWER SOURCES: Checking and securing overhead power sources when climbing on a ladder is very important. Stability is key. You should also remove equipment from power sources before fixing or replacing a part.
  • DANGERS: Consider all possible dangers before the job is started. Survey the job site, make sure you don’t see any dangers presenting themselves and fix any possible zones before they present danger to you, or others.
  • WATER: Do not put tools or equipment near a water source.

OSHA also provides a quick card for electrical safety on their website, which may be a good reference check anytime you’re working:

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Natalie Holtgrefe
Marketing Lead