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The ESC Co-op Experience

With the summer semester fast approaching, we at ESC, thought it would be helpful for potential co-ops to hear from our current co-op on what it is like working here. So, our guest blogger is our Spring 2014 co-op Jeremy and here is a recap of his experience in his own words:

My name is Jeremy and I am currently studying Project Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology. While working with ESC, I have been exposed to many aspects of inventory management such as min and max, returning overstock and defective stock, and tracking daily operations statistics. Throughout one-on-one meetings with the Director of Operations and the Purchasing Manager, I was offered insightful information to why certain issues occurred and how to prevent them in the future. For additional office related tasks, I was responsible for data entry with Excel, staying connected with vendors for returns, and organization of packing slips, shipping manifests, and invoices.

The atmosphere at ESC is fast-paced and competitive, but also friendly and helpful. Every person in the warehouse or office works together as a team, which is very important for any work environment. Unlike most companies, ESC has very horizontal communication. Working with the managers and directors is a normal occurrence. Overall, the co-op has been a great experience, as I know I can take a lot of the skills I have learned and use them in future opportunities.