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ESC RAB Promotion

Looking to upgrade the lighting outside of your house? Using a motion sensing light is an inexpensive and effective way to light your house for visitors or alert you of intruders. The RAB Stealth infrared sensor not only detects motion, but also detects temperature change in the surrounding area. The light will remain on while there is movement in the area, but will turn off after the area is vacant for up to 12 minutes, helping your home be more energy efficient.


For commercial lighting, LED Flood Lights have several benefits including durability, longevity, energy-friendly and unaffected by weather and temperature changes. The RAB FFLED18 is rectangular in shape, designed to replace 70W Metal Halide and can be used for the following types of commercial lighting: building façade, sign, LED landscape & Instant-on security.


ESC is running a special on RAB Stealth Motion and LED Floodlights until May 21st. Click here for more information

RAB infographic