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Boston’s Seaport New Construction

PTC in Boston, Massachusetts’ Seaport District – Part 3

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The most important ingredients for a successful lighting project are:


As stated in prior posts, the PTC building is unique – aside from the curvature, it lacks a full-sized freight elevator. Imagine the challenges getting the lighting as high as the 17th floor – scheduling, consolidation, coordination of deliveries and communication.

ESC created a system where every pallet was labeled with the contents, quantity, and the floor it was to be delivered to. Another unique challenge ESC faced was the looming aluminum tariff. ESC’s goal was to receive and ship all aluminum before the tariffs were implemented. With a lot of hard work, it was done; saving the owners additional costs.

How many times have you been worried lighting vendors wouldn’t be able to meet schedules or about the engineering time commitment to handle quick design and changing shop drawings or gone with the lowest price, but been disappointed when the schedule wasn’t met? Consider ESC’s project team to help with your next lighting project. We are driven to help you compete. 

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Natalie Holtgrefe
Marketing Lead