ESC CEO Larry LaFreniere appointed to President’s Council at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Burlington, MA (February 6, 2019)Electrical Supply Center (ESC) today announced the appointment of CEO Larry LaFreniere to the President’s Council of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. The President’s Council is a newly established an advisory council at Lahey Hospital.

The President’s Council brings together community members, professionals, and business leaders to serve as ambassadors for Lahey both in the community and within their professional networks. Members will assist in advising the hospital on its efforts.

“I am honored to join the President’s Council and bring my professional development experience to the organization,” said Larry LaFreniere. “I have been a longtime supporter of Lahey Hospital and the incredible work they do every day. I am excited to see what this new chapter brings for the organization.”

The Council is in its early stages but expects to continue growing. Larry LaFreniere is one of the first three external members appointed to the council. Other members of the council include hospital leadership, physicians and board members.

About Electric Supply Center (ESC)

ESC is a leading electrical distributor with warehouses, counter sales, offices and delivery services across New England. ESC prides itself on its commitment to their customers and a promise to help them do everything they can to get the edge they need in business. In addition to providing electrical supplies, the ESC team helps their customers solve problems, offering guidance to win their bid, operate their facility or plan their project. The company always invests in the latest technology and procedures that ensure delivery excellence, timeliness and cost cutting efficiencies. ESC is DRIVEN TO HELP YOU COMPETE. To learn more, please go to

About Lahey Health

Lahey Health is an integrated health care system committed to providing the full continuum of health care services close to where patients live and work. The system is comprised of nationally recognized, award-winning hospitals, physicians, behavioral health services, and post-acute programs including home health services, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, and senior care resources. Lahey Health includes nearly 1,400 locally based physicians throughout northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Lahey Health includes Lahey Hospital & Medical Center; Beverly Hospital; Addison Gilbert Hospital; Winchester Hospital; Lahey Health Continuing Care and Lahey Health Behavioral Services, more than 30 primary care physician practices, and multiple outpatient and satellite speciality care facilities. For more information, visit

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ESC Names David Hammerschmith Vice President of Finance and Administration

Burlington, MA (December 11, 2018) – Electrical Supply Center (ESC) is pleased to announce that David Hammerschmith of Maynard, Massachusetts has been promoted to Vice President of Finance and Administration. As ESC continues its growth in the New England market, the company’s newest member of the leadership team will bring over a decade of experience and financial expertise to this role.

Mr. Hammerschmith joined ESC in 2013 as Controller for the Company where he worked closely with the executive team to perform all financial reporting and related tasks at both the corporate and branch levels. Prior to joining ESC, David was an Accounting Manager at the New England Cryogenics Center and a Senior Staff Accountant at Berkshire Blanket.

“I was sold on the direction of the Company and the challenges presented as part of the role when I came to ESC,” said Hammerschmith. “Working at this company isn’t for everyone, but if you are someone that isn’t looking to walk but instead to run and take on any challenge presented, then working at ESC becomes more than just another job.”    

In his new role as Vice President of Finance and Administration, David will oversee all finance and administrative operations for ESC and will work closely with ESC’s executive team to ensure timely, accurate, and comprehensive financial reporting and compliance.

“I am very excited to announce David Hammerschmith’s promotion to Vice President of Finance and Administration,” said Larry LaFreniere, President & CEO of ESC. “Everyone who has worked with David knows that he takes on new opportunities with enthusiasm and a willingness to help his teammates. David is a financial expert with a unique ability to easily communicate the numbers to everyone on the team, keeping everyone up to speed.”   

David grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts where he played varsity basketball, lacrosse, and soccer in High School. He went on to graduate from Bryant University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and a minor in Political Science. David also competed as part of the Bryant Men’s Rugby team.

About Electric Supply Center (ESC)

ESC is a leading electrical distributor with warehouses, counter sales, offices and delivery services across New England. ESC prides itself on its commitment to their customers and a promise to help them do everything they can to get the edge they need in business. In addition to providing electrical supplies, the ESC team helps their customers solve problems, offering guidance to win their bid, operate their facility or plan their project. The company always invests in the latest technology and procedures that ensure delivery excellence, timeliness and cost-cutting efficiencies. ESC is DRIVEN TO HELP YOU COMPETE. To learn more, please go to  


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Types of Electricians

Electricians are specialized craftsman who install, replace, and maintain electrical equipment. Every type of licensed electrician requires training to take on various electrical jobs. Below you will find the four most common types of electricians.

 Residential Electricians

  • Residential electricians can install, replace, and repair electric systems in homes and apartment buildings (with single-phase electrical service). They also do electrical work outside of the surrounding areas. Their range of work can be a simple fix of an outlet or replacing lighting fixtures to rewiring a home or apartment building. Their expertise lies in these jobs, both large and small. Training combines classes, an apprenticeship which is usually four years under the supervision of extremely experienced electricians.

Commercial Electricians

  • Commercial electricians work on large commercial jobs and projects (with three-phase electrical service). They work in larger buildings with more complex and complicated projects. Not only do they install and maintain lighting and electrical services, they will also install workplace water heaters, commercial security systems, key entry facilities, fire alarms, and can even involve fixing heavy machinery. Before a commercial electrician is licensed, they must work under a master electrician for several years.

Journeyman Electricians

  • The majority of journeyman electricians work in construction, but they also work in other areas, such as large utility companies and manufacturing plants. They do not require as much supervision as residential and commercial electricians. They complete additional training courses and an exam. Once they have passed the exam, they don’t require extensive supervision. Journeyman electricians can work on both residential and commercial jobs. Typical work includes lighting system installation/repairs, security systems, and power supplies.

Master Electricians

  • Master electricians are highly skilled craftsman who have 7+ years of experience as an electrician. They generally work in a management or supervisory positions or own their own company. They also require additional ccourseworkand a master electrician exam. They are involved in overseeing their employees and projects to ensure they are done correctly. This could be the installation, repair, or maintenance portion of projects.

All electricians can do residential projects, but not commercial. Electricians typically start as residential electricians, then move into commercial because it’s more complicated. They may or may not become journeyman electricians and master electricians because this requires additional coursework, training and examinations.  Major benefits of moving up the electrician rank is higher pay and responsibility.

Electric Supply Center has all the materials every electrician needs for their jobs. With five locations across Massachusetts, feel free to stop by our counters or call today! If you have questions about which products each location carries, contact us.

To learn more about ESC or contact us, go to or click here to send an email.

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Commercial Lighting Project in Boston

Reebok @ DryDock in Boston, MA – Part 1

When Reebok moved their headquarters to the DryDock area of Boston and needed their lighting project done ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET, they turned to ESC. With an aggressive five-month timeline, ESC had to have impeccable project management and coordination with Reebok, the general contractor (Gilbane Building Company), electrical contractor, lighting designer (Lam Partners), and rep agents Boston Light Source and Apex Lighting Solutions and controls, supporting multiple manufacturers.

As you’d expect, a project of this nature comes with its challenges. The 220,000 square foot building is five floors, each floor having a different lighting schedule. ESC worked closely with Reebok and all involved to develop a strategy to meet the timeline and control systems requirements. This project only had a partial design when the five-month move-in timeline was requested. By working with the lighting manufacturer directly, ESC was able to ensure the lighting system had the backbone, capacity to fit out each floor and integrate with each subsystem even though the design wasn’t complete.

How was ESC able to accomplish this? Check out our post tomorrow and we’ll tell you! 

To learn more about ESC or contact us, go to or click here to send an email.

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Choosing a Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector for Your Home

no fire sign

Installing and maintaining a smoke and carbon monoxide detector is one of the best and least expensive ways that you can protect yourself and loved ones from danger. When you don’t correctly maintain your detector, you’re at risk for home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, which can both be deadly. BRK offers a hardwired photoelectric/CO combination alarm for your home. As a new construction requirement for Massachusetts, this alarm comes with voice alerts.

Features of Smoke/CO Alarm

  • Photoelectric sensors are able to detect and identify various types of fire hazards in your home
  • Mounting bracket allows for easy installation and maintenance for alarm
  • Voice alarm allows up to 11 programmable locations
  • Varying and lower horn tones allows elderly with normal age related hearing loss to still hear the alarm
  • Alarm latch remembers which unit started the alarm
  • Low battery latch identifies which unit has a low battery

Regardless which type of alarm or brand you choose to protect your home, it’s important to remember to have one! It’s better to be over prepared with a dual-sensor alarm than not prepared at all. Learn more about the combo smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from BRK by contacting ESC at 781-272-7700.

Using Circuit Safety to Avoid Injuries

Whether you’re an electrician or contractor working on a commercial or residential property, electrical safety is important in any situation. One small mistake can be extremely harmful to not only yourself, but those around you as well. More and more, workers are being injured because they thought a circuit was turned off. Electricians and contractors should consider all circuits live until they are correctly tested.

To avoid electrical-related injuries, here are a few reminders of what to do before you touch a circuit:

  1. De-energize the circuit
  2. Lock out
  3. Tag out
  4. Test circuit
  5. Verify testing device

The steps below should be followed for every job to ensure you protect yourself and those around you:

  1. Before you begin the job, get information about the operations/construction of the electrical equipment you’ll be using.
  2. Ensure that everyone on your team is qualified to be working with electrical equipment and that any certifications are up to date.
  3. When you arrive at your job site, identify any and all energy sources that could be a potential hazard or danger.
  4. Make sure that you and your team are protecting yourself with the correct gear and equipment (googles, gloves, flame-resistant shirts, etc.).
  5. Follow the standard protection procedures (lockout/tagout).
  6. Verify that the electrical system has been de-energized by testing the circuit.
  7. Before and after you use your test equipment, be sure that it is actually working.

If you find that the job has become more dangerous than you initially anticipated, stop and review your plan. One of the most careless mistakes you can make is to assume that equipment is de-energized. Following the proper procedures can prevent injuries and death in some cases!

Finals Days of the ESC Murray Promotion

Circuit breakers are used to switch and protect your homes wiring from high temperatures, which are caused by excess current higher that the wire rating. Here are the different types of breakers:

  • Combo Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI): Significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires by protecting against line-to-ground, line-to-neutral and series arcs, which are the three possible types of arc fault.
  • Branch-Feeder Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI): Protects against line-to-ground and line-to-neutral arcs, which are considered high energy parallel arcing.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI): Protects against severe electrical shock or electrocution caused by ground faults. These are installed to protect the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room of a home, which are the areas where electrical appliances may come into contact with water.

ESC has specials on Murray 1 Pole 20 & 15 Amp Breakers, 20 & 15 Amp Arc Fault Breakers and 120 & 115 DF Arc/GFI’s. Click here for more info on the ESC Murray promotion going on until Saturday, July 1st.

Murray June Special